About Iana Sundari

Iana began her study of Yoga at birth at the feet of Swami Satchidananda and alongside her Yoga-loving parents.  When she was 21 years old, and as her mother battled Breast Cancer, Iana became her Caregiver and began to move away from her successful career in Public Relations towards the Holistic life calling to her.

Following the passing of her mother, Iana became a 200 hour certified Yoga teacher.  In the years following, she became an ERYT-500 level teacher certified in Children’s Yoga, Prenatal, Post Labor, Mom & Baby Yoga, Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for Seniors and holds a medical specialty in Orthopedic Sports Injury. In addition, her Yoga therapy program for the Special Needs Child, has been implemented in numerous school curriculum though out New York and Southern Florida. Iana is also a DONA certified Labor Doula and has assisted in dozens of births throughout New York and Southern Florida.

At 31 years old, Iana lost her father to Brain Cancer. After his death, Iana became a Certified Holistic Life Coach. She has dedicated her career to the Caregivers of terminally ill loved ones. Through her work, and with her years of personal experience, she helps them to navigate their difficult time, support them through the impending grieving process and equip them with the tools she used to move into a happier and calmer space in life.

Through her blog, Iana has created a safe place for Caregivers to discuss the topics other people are too uncomfortable to address.

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“I was lost… I was taking care of my mother and trying to raise my own kids. I was drowning. Iana isn’t just a coach, she’s like talking to your best girlfriend. She kept me calm and focused and she taught me things to do for my mother that I never would have thought of. Her experience is invaluable.”
~Karin (Houston, TX)
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