Author: Sundari Bliss

There’s A Book Coming…

You all have watched me heal… every post I wrote. Every email I answered.. In my responses I was reminded of the work I had done and I was triggered by work that I still needed to do. Now, I’m ready. I’m ready to write the book I’ve been dreaming about. The book that I […]

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The Pause

There are times when I catch myself being happy, like really laughing out loud happy. Then I feel guilty, and so I stop. How sad is that? That pause? Right before you lose yourself in a good feeling? That pause is the consequence of grief. The reminder that your loved one won’t experience that good […]

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The Head Tilt

Do you know that tilt of the head a dog gives you when you say something or make a funny sound? You think it’s adorable and it makes said dog appear even cuter than he already did. People give the same head tilt to Caregivers. Except Caregivers don’t find it cute or adorable. It’s annoying […]

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Thank you….

Dear Mom, Today is the anniversary of the day you passed. Part of me wants to wallow in memories and pain, because I feel like I “should”. But the other part of me knows you’re probably yelling at me right now to snap out of it and so I will! It only took 37 years […]

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To Work or Not Work

One of the greatest struggles I faced, while caring for my mother, was finding the balance between work and her. At the time, I was working in Public Relations during the day. At night, I was waitressing in one of NYC’s best restaurants. I was doing what all 20 something’s do, burning the candle at […]

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Stop Complaining

As a Caregiver it’s pretty easy to feel like a victim. You are stressed and scared and overwhelmed. You are so busy taking care of someone else that you’ve stopped taking care of yourself. And the worst part is that the only way this ends is with death and then you have to deal with […]

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You Are More Important Than You Think

To the friends of Caregivers… You are more important than you think. It was the love and support of my friends that saved my life. Before I became a Caregiver, my friends consisted of a large group of people who I partied with.”Friends” was a term thrown around loosely and given to anyone I saw […]

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The Power Of The Mind

I spent time recently sick with strep throat. An experience, I hope to never repeat again in my lifetime. 🙂 While I laid in bed miserable and sweating, I realized a few things about myself. One, I make a terrible patient. I am much better caring for others than I am at being the one […]

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I Am Longing To Tell Her

t’s been 10 years since my mother died. In those 10 years, I’ve moved 8 times. I became a Yoga teacher, a Life Coach and I’m writing a book. I became a Doula and a vegan and then not one again :). I have a dog and a cat and I bought a car. I […]

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My Absent Family

Question: My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer 2 months ago and has been given very little time to live. I’m shocked at how quickly she’s deteriorating and how little the rest of the family is doing to help. She has 2 brothers and a sister and they might call but they rarely […]

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