How Do I Prepare Myself For Death?

Readers send me questions at Some, I answer personally because they are so personal and specific to the writer. Others however, I feel the need to share on this blog. This question was about the death of a mother. Jennifer’s mom has been in the care of hospice for 2 weeks and her passing […]

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Finding the Patience

One of the things they don’t warn you about is how incredibly frustrating you can find the person you are caring for. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, “chemo brain”…They change the essence of this person that you’ve admired and looked to to solve all of your own problems. The strangest part is watching your personal “superhero” become a mere […]

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Why It Took Me 7 Years to Answer My Phone

When I became my mother’s Caregiver, my cell phone became my constant companion. Before she had to retire, and I moved in full time, I was still living and working in NYC while she lived and worked in Westchester, NY. I spent my days consumed with worry. As soon as I woke up, I would […]

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Finding the Forgiveness

I don’t talk about my father much. Since his passing, I find it disrespectful to talk ill of him. But I led a workshop recently where I met a wonderful man facing a similar situation I faced, and it made me realize that in sharing my own story I may be able to help someone… […]

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How Lucky Am I?

There is a quote by Winnie the Pooh that I love…”How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Being a Caregiver means that you are faced with the idea of losing someone you love on a daily basis. You are forced to grieve before you should and you are expected […]

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It’s Not Better But It’s Different

A friend of my mother told me years ago, when my mother passed, “It will never get easier, but it will get different.” She had lost her own mother and knew what I was in store for. She couldn’t have been more right. It’s been 7 years since my mother passed. I am finally able […]

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Thinking of My Father

I don’t talk about him much… It has taken me 35 years ,and his death, to wrap my head around our relationship. What I have come away with is, I loved him. He was my first love. I loved the way he called every woman baby. I loved the way every woman smiled when he […]

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The 5 Questions I Wish I Had Asked

What is inevitable in life is the transition of our parents from this realm to the next. We all believe in different things. I believe that my parents are still with me, just in a different form. A form that makes conversation a bit one sided 🙂 There are many things I wish I had […]

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Your Purpose

It’s been weeks since I’ve written. The last post I shared was about my father, and it took a lot out of me emotionally… Any time I reach in to myself to write it takes me time to heal. Each post is written from my own truths and sometimes they are truths I would rather […]

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The Holidays Are Over!

It’s okay to admit that you could not be happier that the holidays are over. As a Caregiver, you may have good days, but the majority of your life sucks right now. While no one wishes to wallow in misery, there is a slight comfort in hearing Adele wail over a man, or Sarah McLachlan sing […]

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