Corporate Yoga

Online Yoga for Your Organization via Zoom

Corporate yoga classes are an inexpensive solution for organizations who want to reduce both workplace anxiety and the healthcare costs associated with stress. Complete the form below to give me an understanding of your company's needs and how we can work best together.

Benefits of Corporate Virtual Yoga

Stay safe and secure in your office or with your remote employees via Zoom or Skype. We'll focus on relaxation and mobility on your own schedule. Here are some of the benefits of Corporate Yoga:

  • Corporations realized $3 to $6 in savings for every $1 invested in yoga and wellness programs for employees.
  • Companies have reduced healthcare costs an average of over 25% with yoga and wellness programs.
  • Yoga relieves stiffness, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from sedentary and active job environments.
  • I’ll be able to virtually adjust you, so no worries about doing it wrong (though any Yogi will tell you, there is no wrong in Yoga).
  • I’ll be joining your organization from my traveling school bus somewhere out on the open road, so the scenery will change each time we practice.

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Yoga Packages

Choose the number of sessions that works best for your organization

I offer my 40 years of experience to customize sessions based upon your company's current physical, emotional and mental concerns. I offer flexible scheduling and a relaxed cancellation policy. Each Zoom session is one hour, and includes Asana, Guided Breathwork and Deep Relaxation.

There is a minimum requirement of 5 sessions, because we know that peace and rest take time...

5 Pack

starting at $750


7 Pack

starting at $900


10 Pack

starting at $1,200


Types of Classes That I Offer

Hatha Yoga

Practitioners of Hatha yoga use physical alignment and breathing control to achieve an equilibrium between the mind and body. The resulting harmony manifests itself as physical strength, physiological health and emotional well-being.

(no experience necessary)

Prenatal Yoga

This class focuses on poses for pregnant women, in order to increase strength and flexibility. It also helps pregnant women to develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques for easier and more comfortable labor.

(no experience necessary)

How It Works

  1. Each class is 1 hour and includes 15 minutes of guided Deep Relaxation.
  2. Yoga classes are held on the platform Zoom. Please ensure that your team downloads this free app prior to your first session.
  3. Please have your Yoga mats ready to go, and a few pillows nearby.
  4. I suggest lighting a candle and some incense, because why not set the mood for the vibe you want to feel, right?!

Yoga Intake Form