Below you’ll find a list of Meditation practices, all 7 minutes. Enjoy them. Find a quiet place, even your bathroom works. Dim the lights to give the eyes a break. I usually light a candle, and my favorite incense, but this is completely up to you. Sitting up straight in meditation is best because it 1) keeps you awake and 2) It’s a great position to practice deep breathing. BUT! How you do this is up to you. You can sit in a chair, against the wall, away from the wall and on a pillow… Experiment and know that sitting up straight is usually the hardest part about meditating! It takes time for the back to become strong enough and the hips to become open enough for sitting to be truly comfortable. Be gentle with yourself, We’ve got nothin but time family!

List of Meditations

Boost Lung Power

Boost Lung Power | 7-Minute Meditation

Easing Anxiety

Easing Anxiety | 7-Minute Meditation

Total Body Melt

Total Body Melt | 7-Minute Meditation

Design Your Life

Design Your Life | 7-Minute Meditation