The Holidays Are Over!

It’s okay to admit that you could not be happier that the holidays are over.

As a Caregiver, you may have good days, but the majority of your life sucks right now. While no one wishes to wallow in misery, there is a slight comfort in hearing Adele wail over a man, or Sarah McLachlan sing to you about sick lonely puppies during those heart wrenching commercials.

The holidays are like a smack in the face of your reality. Why is everyone so happy? Why does every song, blasting through every radio and speaker, sound like chipmunks on bath salts? Is it really necessary for every friend to send a picture of their happy healthy family that you then bury under the piles of doctor bills?

It’s okay to admit that you feel all of this. It’s normal and you are not alone in it. We often hear about how difficult the holidays are for those who have already lost someone. The truth is, our loved ones could be in the next room and this time of year is still hard as hell.

But alas, it’s over! Pack up those lights and that tree. Take down the cards from the mantle. Hide the Mariah Carey Christmas album deep in the closet and feel free to throw out that sad little reindeer on your lawn. You’ve made it.
You did what you had to do. You’ve once again held your family together and given your loved one the holiday they deserve. Now, at some point today, take a deep breath, have a great cup of tea and don’t be ashamed if it’s Adele that makes you smile.

I’m proud of you.

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