You Are More Important Than You Think

To the friends of Caregivers…

You are more important than you think. It was the love and support of my friends that saved my life.

Before I became a Caregiver, my friends consisted of a large group of people who I partied with.”Friends” was a term thrown around loosely and given to anyone I saw on a regular basis. When I became a Caregiver, most of those “friends” disappeared. Life for me was no longer one big party and I wasn’t able to be the fun girl anymore. My life was sad. I was sad. And I was struggling with how to adapt to my new role. The people who remained became my life line.

Friends who called and left messages when they knew I wouldn’t pick up, but at some point I would need to hear their voice. Friends who would text, “I love you” in the middle of the day and were okay with not receiving a response because they knew I was dealing with something greater. Friends who would drive hours from other states just to simply sit with me and watch t.v. because they understood I didn’t want to leave my mother alone in the house. It was friends who dropped off food so I didn’t have to use what little energy I had left to cook. And it was friends who listened to me sob on the phone, as I watched my mother die, and cried with me. It’s my friends who send cards on each anniversary of her passing. It’s friends who know how hard Mother’s day is and who, even though they are mothers now themselves, take time to call me and ask how I am. It is because of this wonderfully amazing group of women that I am able to live a happy life now. Because when I was at my lowest, and I didn’t think I could go on, it was them who reminded me how much I had to live for.

I owe everything to my friends. To these fantastic women who are now my family. As a friend to a Caregiver, you are what keeps them going. It’s you that is the bright spot in an otherwise dark day. It’s knowing that they have YOU that helps them to not feel alone. Do not underestimate your role in what your friend is facing. You are more important than you think.

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